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Party Of Three: Mysterious Castle

I wrote about Mysterious Castle just before Christmas, at which point I was living in a modern apartment. I now live in an old house so logic dictates if I write about it again, by summer I'll be living in something even more like a castle. Hopefully not a Sinister Oubliette.

The game is a grid-based, tactical spell and sword 'em up set in a randomly generated isometric world, populated with monsters to slay with turn-based tactics and the occasional village of friendly folk. There's a demo (Win/Mac) and the full release follows a 'pay what you want' model and you can even want to pay nothing. There are reports of Windows 7 64 bit incompatibility at present, so worth checking the demo first.

Videos of this sort of thing aren't always the most thrilling blockbuster events, but this should stir up glowing memories of Tactics Ogre and Shining Force in those minds where such memories exist.

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There have been plenty of additions since I last played, including actual quests that can give some purpose to the looting and slaughter, but the main pleasure is still the smooth and simple handling of the party, exploring in speedy synchrony and then battling in slick, step-by-step tactical loveliness.

Available for PC and Mac.

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