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Jonesing for adventure: Pathway released

This might Indianaterest you

Doctor Jones, Jones, calling Doctor Jones, they've made a new video game inspired by your adventures and you might want to intervene. I know, I know, it belongs in a museum but you try telling Chucklefish that. The publishers of Stardew Valley and Wargroove today opened bidding on Robotality's Pathway, a turn-based tactical RPG adventure doodad travelling across Northern Africa to thwart Nazis and secure mysterious treasures.

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Right so, it's 1936 and the Nazis are advancing their plans, which in the cheery world of make-believe are more to do with collecting magical treasure than the actual horrors they wrought. Here we come, building a team of class-based adventurers to thwart them, gallivanting around Northern Africa on an overworld map sprinkled with story events and such while also battling them in turn-based tactical combat. Each go is procedurally-generated, though character experience and unlocks persist across runs.

So it looks a fair bit like Robotality's previous Halfway, a bit FTL, Curious Expedition, a big bit Indiana Jones, a bit... here, watch this gameplay video and you'll understand.

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Pathway is out now on Steam, GOG, and Humble, priced at £13/€14/$16. See its site for more and all.

Y'remember the 90s, eh? With that music and those clothes, eh?

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