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Pavlov VR is now a proper World War 2 game, with tanks and everything

Counter-Strike and Day Of Defeat rolled into one

There are a handful of VR games trying to be the headset-wearing equivalent of Counter-Strike or Call Of Duty. Pavlov VR is one such modern military shooter, only it'd quite like to be Day Of Defeat or Medal of Honor, too. Released on Thursday, update 24 - also known as the WW2 update - adds Axis, Allied and Soviet weapons and player models to the game - and fully functioning tanks.

Some people come of age by holding a boombox above their heads outside the window of a person they like. I came of age on a Quakenet IRC room, talking about whatever mods and maps I'd downloaded from Fileplanet that day. VR development frequently brings back memories of that scene, and nothing more so than "our FPS has vehicles in it now."

Pavlov VR's tanks fit three players inside to drive and man the guns, and arrive alongside a new mode called Tank TDM. This is a 10 vs 10 game mode designed for large maps, and there's a new Stalingrad level ready to go. Of course there is. The mode also adds a special class of players who have blowtortches with which to repair the tanks, in case you ever yearned to do some VR welding. It all looks a lot more polished than de_jeepathon2k.

The update also adds 18 new guns, including your typical M1 Garands and Thompsons, plus six grenades, three launchers, two new and two remastered maps, and a bunch of other changes you can read about in the update on Steam. I need to find the time to hop back in, to again appraise how Pavlov compares to its nearest rival, Onward - which you can also find on Steam.

I get on quite well with these VR games about shooting things from afar, but Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners grossed me out within about 15 neckstabbing minutes. See how long you can stomach Matthew's video of it from last year:

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