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PC Gamer Top 100 - They Care What You Think

The new PC Gamer is out, and it's Top 100 feature is filled with pictures of three-quarters of RPS (along with the staff of the magazine as well, probably. It's hard to be sure because we just looked at the pictures of ourselves). Kieron wasn't present, because his beard (RIP) was deemed too dangerous for the public.

Anyhoo, the point of a Top 100 is for people to read it, throw their hands in the air, murder their firstborn, and scream about the injustices of Silent Hunter III being at 81 instead of 80. PCG has made it so much simpler with their newfangled Readers Top 100 site.

It's your chance to say which are the best PC games ever, so long as what you vote for is The Longest Journey and Deus Ex. I mean, I can't force you to choose them. But I can arch my eyebrows and look particularly stern.

Mr Timothy Edwards, Dep Ed of PCG, would like it to be known that he welcomes suggestions for games that might be missing from the giant pool of those to choose from, and indeed if there are any bugs to report them to bugs@pcgamertop100.com.

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