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PCG: White Gold Preview

I suspect I may have missed this one if RPG watch hadn't noticed C&VG had republished my PC Gamer preview of White Gold online. White Gold is basically, Boiling Point 2. You'll remember Boiling Point for being a bit buggy on release. Now, looking at the comments thread, they hit an interesting point. That I went on about Boiling Point having a load of bugs. Blimey.

There's some BP fans who are aggrieved that no game seems to be ridiculed in such a way, and it's being bullied like this because it's from a minor publisher and it was all patched after release. Which just makes me shrug. I'm kind of one of the biggest BP apologists around - but to deny the developer has created a somewhat unique Jaguar-soaring rep strikes me as perverse. What a preview of any of any of their future games needs to make clear is... well, whether they were going to do it again. Saying they expanded the team and are aware of their past errors is a key thing, y'know? And if they pull it off this time - and White Gold to be a purer, cleaner take on Boiling Point would make it very attractive - the flying Jaguars will be a gaming trivia answer rather than a mark of eternal shame.

That said, that they did the Boiling Point with thirteen people is a jawdropping concept. Barking.

Anyway - since we're beneath a cut, here's a trailer for White Gold they released last year.

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Release more videos, Deep Shadows. You're meant to be releasing this in September.

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