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Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Two Demo

I suspect, speaking purely personally, my problem with episodic games is going to be pretty much my problem with episodic TV. I just don't have time to actually experience them before the next one comes along. Such is the case of Penny Arcade Adventures, whose first episode I've really meant to give a shot and I haven't got around yet. And now comes the second one, complete with 300Mb demo for you to download. Man!

For those who require some manner of trailer before making such a commitment of bandwidth, you'll find the trailer beneath the cut.

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So - what was everyone's actual take on the first Penny Arcade Adventures? As in, for those who played the game, not those who just decided against it due to a dislike of Penny Arcade (As I think the Pro/Anti Penny Arcade thread got messy enough last time). Is it worth me going back to now, even in this ridiculously busy period? Or can it wait a little longer?

Oh - if it takes your fancy, you can buy either episode from their site.

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