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Gravity Check: The Mini Games Of Perfect Universe

Mr Legs is a jerk

A smidge of my weekend was spent trying out space gravity game Perfect Universe [official site]. A smidge more of my weekend was then spent trying not to get drawn into getting the full three stars on each of the levels so I could INSTEAD achieve three stars in the real life challenge that is Valentine's Day weekend.

Perfect Universe is a game about manipulating space gravity, about gliding, about collecting objects. The exact form the game takes depends on the mode. There's a pretty straightforward jumpy collecty objecty mode, there's one where you control two legs of a space monster and have to move its body around to collect the objects, there's a rocket-based mode I've not even touched because I'm busy being so bad at controlling the monster. The monster is called Mr Legs.


There's also Sports Day mode where you play a bunch of different minigames with friends using local co-op or with AI.

Perfect Universe SO FAR for me has only really been about that first mode - Perfect Moon. Utilising the gravitational pull of space structures you can perform these floaty jumps or go gliding to complete the challenges in style. Doing a loop of a planet while floating and picking up all the objects was my best moment. Now I have reached a level where I have some gym bars to swing on or somersault off. I can't get the momentum right so I keep flopping off them and into a saw blade. FAILURE.

Oh well, at least nobody died on a saw blade on Valentine's Day IRL. I pronounce that a success.

Perfect Universe will be out on February 26th - the version I'm playing is apparently the final form rather than a preview build.

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