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Pictures of Trees: 9 Million Explode

Jim and I were just sitting in the Garden, ignoring spiders and bats fluttering by, and talking about the world's biggest videogame news. We realised that while it was good to have blogged a story involving Blizzard in the last 24-hours, if we're actually trying to be a serious mainstream PC-videogame site, we perhaps chose the wrong one.



None of us made Blizzcon this year, so we weren't there to actually sample the atmosphere, but Blizzard announced their new expansion pack, complete with the usual initial screenshots which developers release showing environments, but no characters. This is the videogame developer equivalent of boring all your friends with several thousand photos of the Mediterranean seaside before finally getting around to sharing the video of your best mate in some Balearic Club accidentally gargling his own vomit in front of a crowd of horrified locals. So until we get to that, here's some screenies.

It's called World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King which - we dare say - will be a considerable amount of undead rage, especially after he's been beaten up by an organised raid party for the four-thousandth time today. It's high-level content for those who've stomped through the Burning Crusade, including raising the level cap to eighty (count 'em!) levels and finally introducing a hero class in the form of the Death Knight. For the more shallow among us, character customisation is increased, and we've already lined up a feature where we get Jim's Ex-hairdresser girlfriend to judge the new barnets. Oh - and Siege Warfare, allowing you to smash shit up. Which is always welcome.

The site also features lovely Blizzard Artwork featuring a heavily armoured bloke with an enormous sword.

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