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Pillow Fort For The Day: Sword 'N' Board

Sword 'N' Board looks like it could be a rather lovely thing. It's a Zelda-like RPG adventure, but set in the imagination of a child. Pretend enemies, dungeons built out of pillows and blankets, and cardboard forests. All inspired by a tough childhood rendered safer through imaginary worlds. There's a demo, and of course a Kickstarter.

Looking at the footage right now, things seem a little over-primitive, but I think a lot of that comes down to the animations which are being redone. But one-man creating team Robert Busey explains that this is in fact aiming to be a much more complex game than the genre tends toward. That certainly doesn't come across yet, but then of course that's why there's fundraising going on.

With a good deal of experience working at casual developers like Big Fish, there's plenty of expertise behind this. It'd be good to see some more vivid examples of the difficulty, puzzles, etc. However, there's a demo, so you can get an idea of where it's at right now.

It plans to release for PC, Mac and Linux, along with tablets later on.

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