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Pilot Secret Boaty Planes In Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans

Weird tech

Humanity have invented some pretty dang weird things in our ongoing mission to murder everyone different to ourselves. World War II and The Cold War in particular saw the creation of terrible tools, but also some that were weird and goofy and sorta cool I guess. Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans [Steam page], announced today, will put you in charge of one of the weird ones.

Ekranoplans were secret vehicles somewhere between plane and boat, strange-looking things which flew a few metres above the waves. You'll get to pilot and manage a program of 'em.

The flyboats (read more about their history and 'ground effect' principles driving them on the Beeb) were mostly used as transports, and it sounds like that's what Soviet Monsters: Ekranoplans will mostly have you doing. Details on the management side are sparse, but it sounds like it'll have players managing their staff and craft, angling to earn more resources, vehicles, and medals. Oh, and there's a teasing but delightful mention of needing to stop saboteurs.

It looks ropey, and a quick look found nothing about the developers' previous work (they're named Santa's & Co. which... could it really be Him?), but getting to play with weird secret toys still sounds exciting. The game's due on Windows and Mac this autumn. I can only hope potential future sequels will explore jetpacks, explosive rats, space weapons, and flying saucers.

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