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Pistol Whip is getting a free cowboy update and new modifiers

One of the best VR games

Glorious VR rhythm shooter Pistol Whip is getting a free Western-themed update later this week. On August 12th, the Smoke & Thunder update will add a new set of levels in which you will fight through a train, shoot cowboys, and dodge explosive barrels.

It also adds "Styles", a substantial change to how modifiers work. Find trailers for both below.

Here's the Smoke & Thunder trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoPistol Whip - Smoke & Thunder Launch Teaser | Oculus Quest, PC VR, PSVR

Each of Pistol Whip's levels is a straight line which you slide through like a Guitar Hero level. Enemies run into view and shoot at you in time to a pulsing soundtrack, and in VR you dodge, reload and fire back. I like it better than Superhot VR and almost as much as Beat Saber and it is one of the best VR games.

So, yes please, I would like to slide through a train, past some horses, maybe through the swing doors of an old saloon.

I'm even more interested in the new Styles, however, which this trailer explains in more detail:

Cover image for YouTube videoPistol Whip - Everything New in Pistol Whip | Oculus Quest, PC VR, PSVR

Pistol Whip already had a way to modify its rules, letting you make it harder, easier, or just different, but the new updates seem to take that to the nth degree. There are a lot of ways to tweak how it plays - dual pistols, big head mode, etc. - and if you combine these modifiers in a way no one has before, it now generates a leaderboard and you can compete for the best score against friends.

This is the biggest update the VR shooter has received so far, but there have been many others before it. In respect of how much the game has changed since launch, Cloudhead also announced that they would increase its price on August 15th, three days after the update's launch. It'll be going up $5, from $25 to $30. If you already own the game, the new update is free, and if not then you've got another week to buy it at its existing price before the change.

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