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Ark: Survival Evolved becomes a Minecraftbut in PixArk

History is a washing machine spinning a brick

History, scholars agree, is a washing machine on a spin cycle with a brick inside: as it bounces round and round, the brick will often return to the same point but is slightly changed by an entropy that eventually will violently shake the machine to pieces then our ma will give us a right skelping for copying YouTube videos. The cycle returns to a familiar point soon with PixArk, a Minecraftbut based on a survival game based on Minecraft. Deadly murderous survival sandbox Ark: Survival Evolved recently left early access and now the friendly spin-off PixArk is about to enter it. The brick bounces on.

Ark, like many other survive 'em ups, took the craft-o-building of Minecraft into a deadly PvP sandbox with dinosaurs and some high-tech alien gizmos, then PixArk will strip that back to a friendlier, cubier Minecraftbut form. In procedurally-generated worlds built of destructible cubes, players will get to dig, build bases, craft items, explore, tame and ride animals, do quests, fight dinosaurs, and so on. It's Minecraft but with dinosaurs and rocket launchers.

Ark's creators, Studio Wildcard, are only "creative consultants" on this, as it's actually made by Snail Games. Snail are the folks who also licensed Ark to make the VR spin-off Ark Park.

Snail first announced PixArk last year, and now send word that it'll hit Steam Early Access in March while bopping out a new trailer.

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