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Leap From Planet To Planet Causing Mischief In Planeter

Larking about with gravity

What a fine week this is for leaping around fields of planetoids and swirling in their gravity! John took a shine to Gravity Ghost, and today I'm charmed by the free Planeter [official site].

Scamper around a garden of little planets, taking in a chill soundtrack and the pleasant colours of the flora and fauna. And maybe get a bit mischievous and start picking the fauna up. And taking them to other planets. And throwing them into space. But being chill, of course. We're chill. (Do we still say chill? By 'we' I mean us young people.)

It is a splendid playful thing. Trees and mushrooms fizz with movement, planets' inhabitants are goofy colourful critters, and the gravity is simple but that works fine. Leap in the air on a big planet and you'll come down a fair distance away, following its curve, but on smaller ones you can whizz around them indefinitely. Obviously I like to do that.

I like collecting the cannisters to load into the... planet-creator-guns? and discovering what the next will look like. I like the swirling dusty footsteps kicked up as we run. I like swinging out to space in the bubble then crashing back down. I like how we flip over and over to face planets as we pass them in the bubble. I like a lot of things here.

Creator Ditto (the chap behind Hets) made Planeter in 48 hours during the global game jam, using music by Johann Prell. Ditto calls it a "proof of concept" but gosh, I'm perfectly happy as it is. He plans to return to the idea once he's finished his current game.

Planeter is a free download for Windows from Itch. If you can't play right now or need a little extra temptation to download a free game, look, here's me larking about a bit:

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