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Plant Vs. Zombies: Farm For Your Life

First of all, I'm bringing you the most important news: there's a game whose name is Farm For Your Life. Let's not let that get buried under any other information I might provide after this point. Farm For Your Life.

Other interesting factors, albeit ones that pale in comparison, are that you can buy it right now, or... earn it for free.

Oh, and the title's for real. It's a farming-based time-management game, in which you grow produce during the day, and then use it to hurl at attacking zombies at night. And manage a restaurant. And rebuild your home.

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Naturally it's on Greenlight, but you can buy it directly from developers Hammer Labs for a minimum of £8.16, $10, or €10. (Um, get it in dollars then!) However, you can also "try to get it for free".

This may have happened elsewhere, but I don't remember seeing it before. If you create an account, you can then earn "XP", which at 10 points will secure you a copy of the game. There's a point for 'liking' it on Facebook, another for posting in the forum, and best of all, 1XP for sending them a photo of you dressed as a zombie. Seems an interesting idea, although right now I can't actually find a forum to post feedback in, and without that can see no way to gather enough XP for a copy. Unless I convince five people to buy a game I've never played, and then I'd get it. Since the XP offers reach as high as 1000, I'm not quite sure what's going on there. But I like the idea all the same.

Also, it's called Farm For Your Life.

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