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Plants Vs Porkers: Battle Ranch Demo

A right old boar?

Battle Ranch [official site], which came to Steam yesterday, looks like a colourful orgy involving every game that has ever been referred to as "Casual". There's Plants Vs Zombies style flora defense, time management and farming. I'm not sure why I'd class 'farming' but I'm guessing it involves matching animals or seeds on a grid. The only thing missing is a dating sim disguised as a hidden object game. If you're craving some Popcap-alike action, there's a Battle Ranch demo to try before you drop any cash on a plot of land to call your own.

I tend to be attracted to any game that I might be able to play while listening to podcasts and pretending to educate myself. To be clear, I'm not sure if Battle Ranch is a good example of the form or not, but I like games that I can play while I'm doing something else. I remember, as a teenager, rolling my eyes at the idea that people liked music that was a good backdrop to housework - Dodgy's Free Peace Sweet was for listening to with your entire body and soul, GODDAMMIT - but these days I have an appreciation for entertainment that doesn't fully occupy me.

The Steam Store page for Battle Ranch says this:

This game is inspired from hit such as Plants vs Zombies, Leave Devil Alone, Pets War, Ranch Rush, Harvest Moon, and more.

Is Leave Devil Alone the prequel to Devil May Cry?

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