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Play Of The Gun: The Best Amendment

Blood will have blood, living by the sword often leads to death by the same and men are frequently brought low by their own violent yesterdays. Mollieindustria's latest release, The Best Amendment, is a tactical top-down shooter that ponders the act of using a gun to stop a gunman. At first it works, one on one, but every new level has an extra enemy and those enemies are the player's previous incarnations; ghosts performing terrible acts that blur the line between self defence and aggression. Eventually, the man in white has become a dozen men in black, bullets fill the air like bees around blossoms and there is nowhere left to hide.

As with Molleindustria's previous releases, The Best Amendment can be played for free, although it's also possible to donate a sum of your choosing which will go toward funding a series of workshops: "Imagining better futures through play". A few days after Sweatshop's removal from Apple's app store (it's still available here), The Best Amendment is a bracing reminder that controversial or uncomfortable content can't easily be locked out of the wider world of the web. Whether people will actually donate when given the chance is another question entirely. I reckon the soundtrack alone might be worth whatever pennies I can dig out of my pocket.


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