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Play Snake On YouTube. Why? Cos You Can

Here's a strange thing. Did you know you can play Snake in a YouTube video? And no, I promise this isn't a practical joke, despite the instructional video below feeling like it's going to become one. It really is the case that if you click Up and Left on your cursor pad at the same time, you can play Snake over the top of the video you're watching. There's a video explaining this below, over which you can play Snake while you're watching (but only if you're watching it on YouTube's site).

I'm fairly sure this only works on videos playing in YouTube's newer player, as in the one below. And other rumours suggest it only works so long as the video is loading, but I'm fairly sure I've had it working despite that.

It's awkward to get started. And since for whatever mad reason YouTube don't use their more recent player on embedded videos, it won't work on the one below. But click on it to reach YT and you'll see that it does.

Which is something to do while watching a crappy video someone's linked to you insisting you watch it to the end.

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Big thanks to Matthew Old for spotting this one and letting me know.

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