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Play The Elder Scrolls: Arena as a distressingly muscular Garfield

I can't believe you've done this.

I won't blame you if you don't click on this post. The image is horrifying—I know. If you pop on in here I promise I'll try to teach you a thing or so about Khajiit morphology using this ridiculous mod for The Elder Scrolls: Arena. If you can't see it for any reason, it's the head of Garfield, the 1978 version of the comic book character, on top of the cat-like player characters from the first Elder Scrolls game. It's truly something.

You're here? Alright, lovely. Here are the basics. Spotted on Twitter by @stvulture, this mod from last year is very descriptively named "All Khajits Are 1978 Garfield." Missing the extra "i," in Khajiit for effect, perhaps. The mod turns your Khajiit character in the quite old RPG Elder Scrolls: Arena into a very human-looking orange tabby. Muscular abs, partially exposed breast, orange fur, and all.

"Don't ask me to fix anything because I'm probably not going to," the creator said when uploading it last March.

Image credit: Cum41

That skeptical-looking face on top of both characters is the lasagna-loving and overly-large tabby cat Garfield. You know the one. Hates Mondays. Bullies his owner Jon and their dog Odie. It's the 1978 version of Garfield, objectively the ugliest. Instead of a cute round face and knowing smirk, Garfield of days yore has enormous jowls and a sort of half-dumb glare.

The bodies are the extremely humanoid cat-people from the earliest Elder Scrolls game. They're one of many Khajiit types, the Ohmes, who have entirely humanoid figures, faces, and hairstyles. They've just got fur-covered faces so you know they're cat people, not elf people.

The Khajiit of today are cooler, in my opinion. There are the giant bipedal tigers called Pahmer, the house cat-looking but highly intelligent Alfiq, and the traditional Elder Scrolls V Cathay. The Ohmes are uncanny by comparison, neither human nor cat enough for comfort.

It's the worst-looking version of Garfield mashed up with the worst-looking kind of Khajiit. A true travesty. I'm sorry. Would it be better if modern Garfield's face were slapped into Skyrim? I doubt it. If someone does actually do that, please don't show me. We've all been through enough here today.

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