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Playing three different light gun games at once in VR looks wild

Now THIS is impressive

Playing House Of The Dead with a light gun in each hand down the arcade is impressive, no doubt, but can you play House Of The Dead while playing Duck Hunt while playing Time Crisis? The emulator EmuVR, which plays ye olde PC and console games inside a mock-retro bedroom in VR, added light gun support this week in style. Players can not only play light gun games, they can play multiple light gun games on multiple screens, multiple different light gun games at the same time with the same guns. Come enjoy the spectacle in EmuVR's vid.

It's like a scene out of Hackers, in the best way. The idea of strapping cybergoggles to my face to sit in a recreation of a child's bedroom as seen in a 90s magazine advert is horrifying to me, but the triple lightgunning is quite cool. I suppose you could play only one game at a time, if you wanted.

EmuVR is currently in closed beta testing then will be free. It will also support plain ol' monitors, not just cybergoggles, but it's clearly a goggzone. EmuVR uses the Retroarch emulator, which supports loads of vintage gaming platforms from PlayStation and ZX Spectrum to DOS and ScummVM. Sure, it's mostly about console games, but it's the magic of PC gaming bringing them all together.

You would need to provide your own vintage video games. I trust you would only download ROMs you also owned in a physical medium, or downloaded them for evaluation purposes then deleted within 24 hours, or whatever weird combination of magic words your friendly neighbourhood warez FTP chanted in the belief it bestowed legality upon the operation. I don't know. I don't want to get tangled in legalities and jurisdictions. I just thought the multigunning looked cool and wanted to show you, okay.

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