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PlayStation 4 Remote Play Comes To PC Today

You need a PS4, obvs

If you have a PlayStation 4, from today you can use the Remote Play feature to stream games from it to a PC. The promised support arrives with today's system software update 3.50, and Sony have released a Remote Play application for Windows and Mac to match. It's a bit of a niche feature, useful in far fewer situations than Remote Play on e.g. a Vita handheld, but I thought you might want to know, hypothetical PS4 owner.

Remote Play is a way to play games, y'know, remotely. It runs the game on the PS4 (so you do need to own one and the game), converts the game's output into a video streamed blasted to you across the cybernet, and sends commands back to the game the same way. This introduces a bit of delay between the game and controls, because technology isn't magic, but it's playable enough for many games in the right situation.

So, uh, what's it useful for? Maybe you fancy cranking on Bloodborne but someone's watching TV in the lounge. Or maybe you're staying away from home and have brought your laptop with you. Or you want to play on your laptop in the garden on a spring afternoon. Maybe it's for your work computer, you little sneak. Maybe... other things I haven't thought of because, look, I'll 'fess up: I mostly use Cara's PS4 to watch Netflix.

It seems less useful than Remote Play on a handheld, but still something handy to have. Okay, cool, bye for now. Talk to you later on the Internet, okay, bye.

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