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Please Ikea, make me some grownup gaming furniture

Save me from the gaudy and the overpriced

Ikea, makers of large, boring Lego projects for adults, are launching a range of gaming furniture. The set, created in collaboration with Republic Of Gamers, includes desks, chairs, streaming accessories and what The Guardian describes as a "multi-functional cushion/blanket."

The items will launch on October 1st in UK stores, but for now you can listen to the designers from Ikea and ROG talk about the project:

Cover image for YouTube videoMeet the designers behind the new IKEA gaming range

I recently moved into a new flat and needed to buy all new furniture. From Ikea, I bought a table, four chairs, a garden table and two chairs, a couch, two kallax, some children's toy boxes, a sideboard, two beds, two bedside tables, a wardrobe, a children's book stand, and an easel. If you need some small wooden pegs or an allen key, I'm your guy.

After constructing the basic necessities of life - and an easel - I turned my attention to office furniture. Unfortunately everything I found was either ugly, glowing, cyberpunk gaming nonsense, or overpriced, influencer-endorsed oak standing desks for people who keep bullet journals. I'm firmly in the latter camp, at least aesthetically, but little of it is designed to accommodate the practical reality of a hulking PC tower.

Ikea's gaming range doesn't fill me with a lot of hope that it might fill the hole in my life which affordable grownup gaming furniture might fill. The Guardian point out that "the Huvudspelare gaming chair, desk and drawer unit" are familiar from Ikea's existing office furniture range. Really what I'm after is a new desk design that can make my computer setup not look like the glowing, dominant force in my living room, and which folds up to become a fetching marquetry drinks cabinet in the evening.

As gamers age - and heck, as more of us than ever work from home - surely there's demand for gaming furniture that is neat and unassuming, and not a giant racecar chair?

You can see a handful of more photos of the range at the Ikea site.

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