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Please take RPS's new survey to say what you want from us

Please, tell us!

Update: The survey is now closed. Thanks for responding!

Reader dear, what do you want for Christmas from RPS? We've opened a new survey all about that. While our annual reader survey asks questions about you, this one focuses on us: what do you like about RPS, how well do you think we're doing, and what more do you want from us? I'm sure I won't find this experience at all humbling. It also has questions to help us shape the perks of our RPS supporter program.

Head over here to take the survey. It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and answers are confidential. It can only take so many respondents, mind, so get in sharpish.

After basic info about yourself (I repeat: it's confidential), the survey gets into us and your relationship to us. What sort of stuff do you come to RPS for? How well do you think we're delivering that? What would you like to see us do more? And building on that, it asks around the sorts of things you might want to see in our supporter program: maybe a dark theme for the site, filters to customise which posts you see, more scloosies, merch, other stuff? You tell us. You tell us everything you think about us. Oh no.

If I've learned anything from Buzzfeed, OkCupid, and social media profiles which mention their Myers–Briggs personality type, it's that people love quizzes. What type of reader will you turn out to be?! I'll tell you: a nice one.

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