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Police Quest Reopens As Precinct

AwwOOOOoooOoOOo! That noise. The one you can hear now if you strain your ears. It's like a distant police siren warning people out of their path. Is it the sound of the police escort, delivering news of Precinct, a new adventure game from the Police Quest developer, to Kickstarter? No, that's not it. This noise has an accent. It sounds happy. Ah, I have it: it's Richard Cobbett, tilting his head back and howling in delight. Though it is tinged with a slight howl of pain.

We've set Richard on an intercept course with the developers, so he'll be back with more direct news of this revival as soon as he's turned the perp (interviewed Jim Walls). So just the facts: Precinct is an episodic [Edit: not episodic: the heat has cooked my brain - Craig] first-person adventure game, where you're a rookie police cop man officer in the corrupt city of Frazer Canyon. While the ridiculous adherence to procedure will be maintained, it'll also be more of an action game than the previous crime-scene clickers, involving shootouts, high-speed car chases, investigations, foot pursuits, and hand-to-hand combat. No word on paperwork, yet. I'd keep that as a stretch goal.

For this they are asking for half a million dollars, though looking at their tiers I can already see a problem: $15 for HD wallpapers and a thank you on the website? $20 for the soundtrack? You don't get the game until $30? I can't see that gaining traction at all. There's not even an option for an Early Bird buy-in. I hovered my mouse over the pledge list, but recoiled in horror when I had a proper look. Not when I can get Satellite Reign for $20 (I hope!).

Here's the pitch, anyway. In-engine footage is just over 4 mins in.

Too rich for my blood. Please reconsider the tiers. HD wallpapers are a terrible reward for $15.

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