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Elect 'Em Up Political Animals Looks A Whale Of A Time

A whale of a time

This election cycle in the United States has been drama-filled and both candidates have engaged in a ridiculous cartoon-like behavior towards the opposition. This makes Squeaky Wheel's Political Animals [official site] more realistic than its developers probably intended when they set out to make the turn-based strategy game about a presidential election on a fictional island with animals as the candidates. Here, check it out in this new half-hour gameplay walkthrough:

Cover image for YouTube video

Once you pick your politician and campaign staff, you'll have to campaign all across the various districts of your island. Though the campaign trail is fraught with sex scandals and the typical hazards of a career as a politician, when everyone is a cartoon animal, it's just downright cute and zany.

Positech, the studio which makes Democracy 3, is publishing Political Animals. That's Positech CEO Cliff Harris playing poorly in the video above.

Political Animals is due out for Windows and Mac on November 2nd - days before the US election. It'll be on Steam and hopefully GOG and the Humble Store too.

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