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Minter is coming: Polybius PC version in the works

Minter is coming

Polybius [official site], the psychedelic arcade shooter currently making waves on Playstation VR, is coming to PC. Huzzah! It's from Jeff Minter, the arcade game veteran that made Space Giraffe, Gridrunner, Revenge of the Mutant Camels, and Tempest 2000, so you know it's good.

Minter has mentioned a PC port before but, given the trouble last time Llamasoft tried to bring a game to PC, it's good to hear this is going ahead. He confirmed work on the PC port by posting an image on Twitter of him working in his office, which is crammed with gaming knick-knacks (including a plushy Mario) and VR headsets. He's also wearing a Christmas jumper. In May! Because why not?

Don't fear, non-VR headset owners, you'll get to play the game too. "Yep works without VR too," Minter said in a follow-up tweet. Expect lots of fast-paced shooting and dodging with bright colours, trippy music and retro sound effects. Here's a bit of gameplay:

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The name of the game itself is pretty interesting – it's a throwback to an urban legend from the '80s about an arcade game with ties to government agents that was said to drive players to madness. You can read the tale here.

It's also a bit of welcome good news for Minter's games on the PC following a debacle with his PS Vita game TxK, which was meant to be coming to PC until the evil Atari overlords blocked it. Read Alice's post on the palaver if you're interested.

Thanks to reader Leon for the tip on the story – keep 'em coming!

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