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Ball Of Twine: Porpentine's Eczema Angel Orifice

Textual oddities and treats

Looking back over the years, we've barely posted about Porpentine's games. Cara was into Ultrabusiness Tycoon III and Love Is Zero and I really dig With Those We Love Alive but beyond that... huh! That's a bit weird, given how funny and interesting and unsettling and probing our former Live Free Play Hard columnist's games are. Well, now I can cover most at once.

Porpentine is having a crack at Steam Greenlight with Eczema Angel Orifice [official site]. It's a bundle of her text games that she's revised, with "director's notes" and extras boshed in on top.

Across more than twenty games, you'll get to be, see, and do a whole load of unexpected things. Porpentine explains it includes games about:

"-Being trapped in a ship with a Shodan-esque evil AI
-Serving as artifact designer to a skull empress
-Trying to make 1 million dollars in an old shareware game
-A beautiful frog simulator
-Inserting drugs into your spine in a cyberpunk trashscape
-Hacking cupcakes and searching for the perfect sauna experience
-Traveling inside your dreams so you can sell them
-Reenacting a war between rats and demons, in a sewer
-Driving a car around and murdering people
-Living in a skull village where you shovel skulls
-And more!!"

It's all wrapped up in a launcher by frequent collaborator Brenda Neotenomie with pleasant music, as you can see in the demo available for Windows and Mac. That packs With Those We Love Alive, Ultra Business Tycoon III, Howling Dogs, High End Customizable Sauna Experience, and Beautiful Frog with their notes and whatnot. The notes are a good read. The full version's viewing guide will suggest games based on length and mood too. All her hypertext games are still over here (and graphical ones this-a-way). Give it a nudge on Greenlight, ay?

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