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Prayer-based RPG Churchgoers descends into stores

A turn-based RPG where you're always skipped over

There’s a number of things on your to-do list in the teal world of Churchgoers. Learning new prayers to better navigate the world, avenging your sister’s murder, and trying not to fall asleep on the bus. That last one is probably, and understandably, the hardest one, as demonstrated by the launch trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube video

I love this character’s little eye, expressive even without a face to call home. I also love that all the characters have different scratchy, warbly voice sounds as their dialogue comes up and all of them are horrifying to varying degrees.

The game is described as a “turn-based RPG where it's never your turn,” which I confess to not fully following, but it looks like you’ll need to focus on dodging attacks rather than performing your own.

Outside of combat – if you can call it that when you’re mostly trying not to get hit – there’s puzzles to be solved and people to chat with to find out more about this strange world. And some guy called the Priest of Ash to confront, presumably for having such an ominous name.

You can download Churchgoes from itch.io for $10, or from Steam where a launch discount puts it at £6.47/$8.99/€7.37 until Friday the 20th of September.

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