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Precinct Kickstarter Arrested, Alternative Funds Sought

For whatever reason, the spiritual successor to Police Squad, Precinct, just didn't capture the imagination of the Kickstarter crowd. This week should have been the final hurrah, but the game had only scraped 15% of the hoped $500,000 goal. The team have decided it would be easier on everyone to just cancel the crow-funding. All is not lost, though. They still hope to fund the game, but instead of doing it on Kickstarter, they're asking for direct donations.

You can get involved over at the game's site. The new funding is a bit different: there are no tier rewards, and all funders will receive the game. It doesn't matter if you pay a dollar of a thousand bucks, you get the game. You also get access to in-development builds. At 25k they'll provide a proof of concept, 90k a vertical slice, 250k a demo, and at the magic 400k mark the full game. None of those funds will go towards extras like commemorative taser guns.

They've repurposed the Kickstarter pitch for this.

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I am not surprised. Looking back, only 7 backer updates (including the cancellation announcement) over twenty days is low for a game that probably needs a fair amount of explanation. And the expensive tier rewards probably didn't help. They certainly put me off. I also didn't hear many people talking about it beyond the initial announcement: at this stage there are tweets, there are emails, people are begging you to make it happen. But the first I heard about it post-launch was that the Kickstarter was dead.

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