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Procedural Hero: A New Zero

For as long as there is an internet, fresh footage of A New Zero will sporadically arise and cause people with an interest in procedural animation, physics and good old-fashioned vehicle combat to coo excitedly and then wonder if it'll ever be finished. Cryptic Sea are doing all kinds of things with their tiny game parcels, all much smaller than a Peggle, and Sub Rosa was the most recent to cause an outburst of gleeful multiplayer shenanigans. Work in A New Zero seems to be concentrating on man-shooting rather than vehicular violence, and the latest work in progress video shows how men go to war when they have no canned animations at all.

Apparently, the infantry side of things is "getting close to a playable state". Version 0.78 is available now should you wish to immerse yourself in something akin to a lo-fi, experimental Battlefield game.

It would appear that this is Cryptic Sea's master game, into which all others eventually find their way, or so Sub Rosa's recent appearance and then this update lead me to believe. A New Zero is also almost exactly how I dreamed multiplayer shooters would eventually be, with all the abstract weirdness of the graphics and destructibility of the world.

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