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Project Origin: First Person Shootings

Proof, if proof were needed that Project Origin is indeed a first person shooter videogame, has arrived in the form of two new in-game footage videos. It really is looking more and more like F.E.A.R. as the days wear on, which is good if you liked that game, and kind of an indifferent shrug "what-else-is-on" kind of situation if you didn't. But perhaps it will be a kind of Super-F.E.A.R. which is both as good as the original game, and also better in ways that will please us enough to spend many dollars on its purchase and unite us in our taste for Monolith's particular flavour of horror shootery. We can only dream. Anyway: short clips of supernatural slow-mo dude murder beyond the jump.

Below, zombie thingers. Also: stuff 'splodes, dudes get shot.

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And next: dudes get shot and stuff splodes. In a Penthouse! That's shooting with a bit of class.

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I have a Penthouse, but it's not the top floor of a building.

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