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Punishing platformer Jump King now has Workshop support and mod tools

For those who crave more pain

The starting area of your difficult climb in Jump King.
Image credit: Nexile

Jump King is a simple, brutal, bastard of a platformer in which you attempt to steer a king towards the top of a single tower using his chargeable jump. Misjudge a particular jump by over- or undercharging it, maybe bounce back off a wall, and you may find yourself tumbling all the way back to the beginning again.

It's probably about to get a bunch of even harder levels, however, because nearly five years after release it has just got Steam Workshop support and a new set of modding tools.

There are currently 32 items available via its Workshop, split across level, skin and mod categories.

A trailer for Jump King's Workshop update.Watch on YouTube

Making more should now be easier thanks to the release of Jump King Worldsmith, an "editor, manager and compiler" for all Jump King content. You can make and edit levels within Worldsmith, seamlessly test the level in-game as you make changes, and then output them directly from Worldsmith to the Workshop.

It was possible for the most enterprising players to make Jump King mods before, but it should be much easier now - not least because the game itself has been updated to make more fundamental changes possible. The behaviour of the player character can now be modified, custom blocks and entities can be added, and documentation is in the works to explain how to do it.

Worldsmith is currently in beta but should appear under Tools within your Steam library if you own Jump King. There's more information about the update over on the official site. Be warned: this does probably mean that some old, existing mods won't work anymore, although that aforelinked post has instructions on how to roll back to previous Jump King versions if you need to.

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