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Help 'Quur' The Forest In This Painty Game

Quuring the forest.

Looking at Quur [official site], it's difficult to say what type of game it is. It's colorful, to say the least, and it's also another of those games about how violence is not the answer - or at the very least, as the devs say, "not always your best option."

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It's quite interesting and trippy, which is exactly what I was hoping for when I downloaded it. The bizarre being you control is just weird enough to be off-putting, and I really appreciated that. Quur follows an "ethereal being" capable of manipulating a magical liquid known as the Color. You can work with the creatures of the forest in the game or against them. Sometimes it's more satisfying to punch them until they get out of your way (and it's easier) but other times you'd probably much rather distract creatures to convince them to come with you or do your bidding because they're just so darn cute.

But what about the painting I referenced in the title? It's there. All of the Color in the world can be likened to pools of paint. It's really quite refreshing, actually. It seems as though you're "painting" as you explore. I'd suggest trying it out if you're curious.

I'm also hoping the game is pronounced "cure," because my entire title joke will have fallen flat if not. Oh well.

Quur is available pay-what-you-want from Itch. It's made by students of Supinfogame RUBIKA in France, including a few members of the collective Klondike.

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