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QWOP A Load Of This: Probably Archery

Probs Arch Totes

"This is hard. Hard and stupid." You are correct, Probably Archery. You are both those things, because that is your reason for existing: to be hard and to be stupid. Probs Arch, as I like to call it, is another of that breed of games that gives you an intimate level of control over bits of your body. In this case, you manipulate both arms independently, while swiveling wrists, and adjusting elbows and shoulders. I think it's a game of archery, but the ambiguity of the title means I'll have to check out the demo before making a definitive statement.

Yup. It's definitely about archery. There's no "probably" about it. I mean the "probably" part has more to do with the fact that this Archery takes place in space, or while apple-headed berserkers are running towards you, which is probably not what you'd call a legitimate archery setting. But I'm one of those people who thinks all you need is a bow, some arrows, and a target, and you have archery. And Probably Archery has that.

I think it needs a little bit of work: QWOP and Surgery Simulator 2013 feel a little bit more connected to their activities, and trying to get the angle on the arrow isn't quite as joyously silly as grabbing onto a skull-cracking hammer, but the scenarios of zero-gravity, or trying (and failing) to cut a hangman's rope do make up for that. The demo is on the homepage, and it has an Oculus Rift version just to make the whole thing a bit more sickening.

As expected, we have ourselves a Greenlight page.

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