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Go deep down the hole with the strange and wonderful Rabbit Game

Way down

I'm a cat now. I used to be a rabbit but I went into a hole despite being warned that it was a bad place to go, and then I think I was in something's guts for a while. There seemed to be a ribcage around me, but I can't be entirely sure. Then the cat ate me so now I am the cat as is the natural way of things. Now, every time I eat a rabbit, the screen is saturated with blood and then, full of meat and sated, I sleep beneath the stars, quoting Hamlet to myself. Then I dream of hunting rabbits and I don't know how to escape from this loop and become a rabbit again.

Rabbit Game is a very peculiar thing that reminds me of games made by thecatamites. It's free and you can play it in your browser right now.

Word of warning: there is sexual content. Sometimes there are dicks floating around in the sky but there is also actual sex. You might expect that in a game about rabbits because, hey, we all know what they breed like, but my sexual encounter was during my time as a cat.

I thought I'd found a way to escape my feline existence (which may actually be a dream rather than reality). Ignoring the temptations of rabbit flesh, I continued my prowl through the undergrowth and saw another cat. It was...presenting itself. I clicked on it and we mated in an abstract but rather graphic scene, and then a new cat was born. I thought that was the way out of the loop but in a smoothly delivered punchline, the kitten became a cat and we all know what cats do by now, right?

They hunt rabbits.

It's possible I'll never be a rabbit again but that's OK. Playing Rabbit Game isn't very difficult, you just move your mouse around on your desk and click on anything that looks interesting and the game does the rest. I'll keep wandering for a while to see if I can find a way out. Apparently I've discovered six of twenty-nine paths so there's plenty more to see if I ever free myself of cat form.

Rabbit Game is the work of Marek Kapolka. I found it thanks to this brilliant twitter thread that is full of weird and wonderful things.

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