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Railing Rats: Ratz Instagib Released

Old school

If special abilities in Quake make some gristly knot deep in your guts writhe and write Internet comments, you might be more interested in Ratz Instagib [official site]. And if your hand is stuck twisted into an MX518-clutching claw, as you'd have me believe, you'll likely recognise both parts of that name. Ratz, from ye olde Rats maps which have teeny players scurrying around colossal bedrooms and whatnot. Instagib from ye olde railgunning mode where enemies explode in one hit. Combine the two and you've got Ratz Instagib, properly launched today after 18 months in early access.

Ratz Instagib goes a bit further with the theme, making players actual rats as they scurry around bedrooms, classrooms, offices and so on. In true instagib style, you've all got railguns which... instagib. The clue's in the name. And while it may not have a rocket launcher, it does sorta have rocket jumping through a dedicated 'rocket jump' blast button. Rooms full of rats zooming, bunnyhopping, soaring, and exploding. Ratz Instagib, yeah?

Mode-wise, you're looking at Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Freeze Tag. It also comes with a map editor to create your own maps, shared through its Steam Workshop. Oh, and you can collect cosmetic bits for your rat.

If the name sounds familiar, other than for the obvious reasons, you might've played the browser-based Ratz Instagib this follows up on.

Ratz Instagib will usually cost £6.99/7,99€/$8.99 on Steam but has a 20% launch discount until August 3rd. I've not played it myself but player reviews look pretty good. If you want a game dedicated to Rats maps with instagibbing, here it is.

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