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First (Person) Blood: Rambo, The Game, The Trailer

"All FPSes are Rambo, no FPSes are Rambo. The difference is in the dose" - Paracelsus.

While Reef Entertainment saw fit to release a few screenshots of their Rambo game (one of which you can see above) it's telling that the trailer for the game, which you can see below (as is traditional) features nothing but scenes from the Rambo movies. It's fitting, I suppose, at a time when videogames are shooting live-action trailers to promote their rendered action happenings, the movie licence need not bother to show its game at all, because it has the movie.

Rambo - just so you know - will be a first person shooter comprising of a "journey" through the first three movies. Why not Rambo 4?

Cover image for YouTube video

Because, in a way, aren't all games Rambo 4?

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