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The beautiful sheeple: cyberpunk brainwashing RTS Re-Legion out today

A little bit Syndicate, a little bit C&C, with some really big battles

I've been keeping half a retina on techo-noir strategy game Re-Legion for a few months now, lured by an elevator pitch that is effectively 'what if they made a whole game based around Syndicate's Persuadatron?' In it, you establish a new opiate of the masses and recruit weak-minded civilians to do your bidding - including, naturally, disputing the preachings of rival such cults. With guns, like.

A black'n'neon palette and veritable flocks of murderous parishioners are a sure fire way to turn cyberpunk-hungry heads, but today's the day we find out whether it's our new religion or a false prophet.

Re-Legion's due for release later today, via Steam and GOG. Here's the launch trailer, which has some fine sights and the excellent opening line "Connection with God established":

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Honestly, I still can't work out whether this is doing something truly fresh or just ploughing the usual RTS furrows, but with 'recruit' instead of 'build' in the menu text.

There's little to be gleaned, either, from its developer's previous work - Ice Code Studios have only a candy-hued puzzle game and a VR take on Marble Madness to their name so far. I'm hoping they can make this work, as the concept's a humdinger.

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