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RE5734L3R: The Clue's Probably Not In The Name

Pixely exploration platformer

RE5734L3R. I've been staring at that name for a while now. How the hell is it supposed to be pronounced? Resealer? Nope, sounds like a Ronseal product. Reliever? Nope, that's what happens after queuing too long for the toilet. Restealer? ...actually, that sounds like it might be legit. And here I was thinking we'd left the 1337speak behind in the late '90s.

However the name is actually pronounced, this new RE5734L3R trailer is a nice little teaser for the game's visuals. I'm rather partial to the synth soundtrack, which sounds straight out of 80s science fiction thrillers, while the pixel art visuals are quite accomplished.

On the downside it's not hugely suggestive of what the game itself is about, although you can probably figure out some of that for yourself with the handy equation robots + bullets + 2D + interacting with computer terminals. The game's developer bills it as a platformer with a focus on "atmosphere and exploration" with a cinematic focus, and the trailer certainly manages the latter. RE5734L3R's is an all-robot world, too, which hopefully will involve Actual Gameplay Ramifications rather than being purely an aesthetic choice.

The game's little robot star reminds me of the Stealth Bastard, though there's not much stealthy about rocking up in an enormous spaceship. Mind you, King of Stealth Garrett used arrows to make things quieter, so go figure.

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