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Real Life Dragon: Skyrim Live Action Trailer

At RPS we absolutely cannot fathom the purpose of live action videos. It's like a new movie advertising itself as a theatre performance, or BBC 1 trailing the new series of Strictly Dr Who Lottery as a book. Games are made of game, not film. But, still the nonsense continues, and the latest is an incredibly high-value production for Skyrim, featuring live-action dragons.

What do live action trailers say about the game? I don't think it can be anything good. It was in the 80s that games last advertised themselves in such a way, printing full-page ads of ladies in barbarian bikinis, because showing the six-pixel pink blob wouldn't woo the crowds. Are we to take from it that the game itself just isn't good enough to advertise itself? Or is the lavish demonstration of wealth supposed to give us a reassured feeling that the people behind this are so affluent that the game can only be brilliant? I've no idea. Anyway, here it is:

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