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Rebirth Reborn: Wanderlust Adventures

Chucklefish to publish RPG sequel

If you have ever played and enjoyed Secret Of Mana, you may already be aware of Wanderlust: Rebirth, a top-down action RPG with combat and graphics reminiscent of Square's real-time battler. Wanderlust Adventures is a sequel/spin-off to Rebirth, expanding into a free-roaming open world, as the 'Wanderlust' of the title always suggested. The freedom of exploration aside, the big draw for Adventures is stronger online implementation. The game can be played with three chums cooperatively, or with up to eight players in competitive modes. Connections will be handled through Steam's network API rather than, allowing for 'seamless' shenanigans.

A modern top-down RPG with open world tendencies wouldn't dare show its face without randomised elements and Adventures is thrusting its face into full view. Dungeons are randomised at the start of each game and parts of the overland will be different on each playthrough as well. Unpredictability is a key feature, and the world will also contain dynamic monster attacks in the form of ambushes and the occasional Mini-Boss.

Pets are included as well, although not in the form of placid guinea pigs and friendly gerbils. Wanderlust's companion system is, like so many in RPGs, all about the fighting.

Enemies have a small chance to drop a "Contract", which – like the blueprints that can be turned in to craft powerful equipment – may be turned in to a Mercenary NPC in town to unlock a new companion.

Unlocked Companions can then be purchased and selected to follow (and help) the player as they travel the world.

Companions can be awarded experience by gifting them materials normally used to craft equipment.

There are more than forty enemies, almost of all of which can become allies. Monsters will be tougher during the dark hours and some will even be nocturnal, only emerging when the day/night cycle lobs a moon into the sky. It's all coming to Steam in Autumn of this year, courtesy of the publishing know-how of Starbound studio Chucklefish.

Looks absolutely smashing.

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