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Rec Room has a million monthly VR players

Maybe VR's not dead

Rec Room is sort of like Roblox: a place where people can make their own games and easily chat and play with friends. Where it most differs from Roblox is its early focus on supporting virtual reality, and its developers now report that the game has "over 1 million monthly active VR users". That's a lot.

I've spent a bit of time playing Rec Room, and it's a fun time. There are a lot of VR games aiming to provide a hangout space or an easy way of playing minigames with pals, but Rec Room is slicker than most. I particularly like its art style, which needs to be simple so folks can build stuff with it, but which is a lot cuter than most of its blocky peers.

Speaking to Road To VR, Rec Room designer Shawn Whiting said that VR users are a relatively small percentage of the game's total userbase. That's becaues the game can also be played with regular desktop PCs, and is also available on consoles and mobile phones. Of those that do play in VR, it seems that more than half of that one million figure are playing on the standalone Oculus Quest 2.

I don't normally care much about numbers in videogames. I'm not an investor, my name's not Billy Business, and copies sold and player counts aren't football scores. In most instances it makes no difference to me whether a game is played by millions of people or just me. Rec Room's growth interests me because its success speaks to the overall health of virtual reality. As someone who wants more VR games, that's good to know.

You can pick Rec Room up in early access via Steam for free.

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