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Free Cheese & Whine: Red Alert 2 & Amnesia Now Free

Only a few hours to grab Amnesia

That's the cheese of Yuri with his mind-controlled squid and the whine of you whimpering as horrible things stalk you through the dark, to be clear.

Point is: you can now download and keep forever Westwood Studios' olde RTS Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Frictional Games not-so-oldish first-person spooker Amnesia: The Dark Descent and not in that way, you little urchin. RA2 (plus its expansion) is the latest freebie on Origin to promote EA's service, while Frictional dropping this freebie shortly before the launch of their new horrorshow Soma.

Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge will likely be free for quite a while, as EA tend to keep the same game in the promo for months. If you nab it before then, you'll get to keep it forever/until Origin shuts down (nothing in this world lasts forever friends). If you don't want to use Origin, fair enough, but oh my gosh please stop going on about it I get it.

Amnesia, however, is only free until 7pm this evening. Get on over to Steam sharpish to grab it. Frictional's other games are on sale too. If you don't want to use Steam either oh gosh okay I know I've heard this is a post about free video games how do these sorts of things still rile people up so much?

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