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Red Dead Online hackers are sending spooky scary skeletons to attack players

No, it's not a new Undead Nightmare DLC

As they are wont to do, the hackers are at it again. Fortunately, Red Dead Online hackers are usually funny folks. Now it seems that the dead are coming back to life—and no, it's not a belated Halloween event or a sneak reveal of a new Undead Nightmare DLC. Skeletons are being raised and sent after players to sock them in the face brawler style.

As spotted by VG24/7, player stories started popping up a couple days ago claiming they'd been attacked by invincible, two-headed skeletons. Fortunately, there's plenty of video to go along with the tales and it's all pretty good for a laugh. Here's a sudden skelly attack in the middle of Rhodes on a nice afternoon.

I got attacked by something I never expected
by u/Keisenberg_ in RedDeadOnline

Another player was just trying to finish an honest day's work bringing in a bounty when they were jumped by a duo of two-headed skeletons.

Online is getting real spooky really early.
by u/Sprayable_Spaghetti in RedDeadOnline

Yet another player managed to take down a hat trick of dead mutants. They claim that the skeletons are invincible—probably meaning impervious to bullets. Fortunately, it appears that they can be subdued with a lasso. Make sure you bounty hunters out there use a reinforced lasso to solve the problem for longer.

Where the heck does the two headed skeleton come from though? Apparently they're actually part of the game. Near Manzanita Post is a circus wagon wreck where the skeleton of a two-headed woman can be seen trapped inside an overturned wagon.

I've had my own run-ins with hackers in Red Dead Online, usually where I and a crowd of other folks are suddenly teleported into a basement and tossed around blender style in a horrific display of shouting cowboys and wailing horses. The first encounter is wild enough that you can't help snagging a video to show. It's less amusing the second, third, and twentieth time you're set upon by relentless skeletons while just trying to have a peaceful afternoon fishing outside Strawberry. For everyone's sake, lets hope this trend stays in the grave now that we've laughed it off.

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