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Red Dead Redemption 2: The Reveal Trailer

but is it on PC is it is it

Update: it's aired! Full YouTube trailer below. It is, er, brief. But very pretty and pleasantly tranquil.

I'll be honest: I'm writing the bones of this post before the hopefully below trailer's actually aired (in five minutes from the time of posting), because that's how the internet works these days. So, for all I know, all the Red Dead Redemption 2 [official site] ad consists of is Sam Houser screaming "screw PC gaming and the horse it rode in on" at the screen for 68 seconds, but hell, let's be optimistic.

The words underneath were written before I watched it, and if they turn out to be hilariously inaccurate you'll probably be able to see me hastily deleting them in real-time.

Watch on YouTube

The 'will it be on PC' question? remains vexing. On the one hand, recent GTA tradition dictates that they pretend there isn't a PC version for a few months, before eventually revealing a visually nip'n'tucked version due the next year. The meagre RDR2 info to date only mentions Xbone and Pussfor, so there remains every chance they're once again simply declining to talk about PC until later. That way they get an extra marketing push, and to shout bigger, better, shinier rather than make the consoles look bad pre-release.

Also! PC gaming in 2016 is not PC gaming in 2007. So much bigger now, so much more money likely: much more foolish to ignore because it's too much effort.

On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 1 was never on PC, so there's a question mark hanging over whether they're happy to essentially split the series or want to be all neat and tidy and keep it inside a console box.

Fingers crossed, basically. I can't summon much enthusiasm for guns'n'cars'n'sociopaths these days, but Red Dead's lonely cowperson plains-wandering retains great appeal - especially if I finally get the chance to see it in ultrocrispovision.


- No dialogue WRONG
- A very unexpected soundtrack WRONG
- A cool group shot of multiple heroes RIGHT
- No playable women characters, because Rockstar will not want to capitulate to anyone else's request even if loads of their staff really want to do it. RIGHT I think?

Let's see how well I do.

Game's due out 'Fall 2017' on console; PC is, as I say, TBC.

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