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Red Strings Club devs’ mystical branching-narrative game Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood foresees a release date next month

Run and tarot that

The witch Fortuna sits at a table lit by candles as she reads tarot from floating cards in artwork for The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
Image credit: Deconstructeam/Devolver Digital

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is the next game from Deconstructeam, the folks behind gorgeous and pensive cyberpunk bartending game The Red Strings Club. Like that game, it looks to be a beautifully pixelly exploration of fate, wrapped up in the clicky satisfaction of a branching story game. After Rachel was left impressed by its mixture of the mystical and magical earlier this year, we’ll all be able to play it next month.

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Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood follows the efforts of Fortuna (a case of nominative determinism if there ever was one) as she spends hundreds of years on a distant asteroid, exiled from her witch coven after foretelling its downfall during her tarot readings. A couple of centuries later, she decides to perform a ritual to summon the cosmic god Abramar, a massive floating being with a lot of limbs, excess eyes and flame pouring from its mouth and eyebrows.

As well as guiding Fortuna’s conversations through multiple choice responses, you’ll also be tasked with creating custom tarot cards by expending magical energy gathered by performing tarot readings for the game’s cast of characters. The readings and tarot cards will then give you insight into those characters, influencing the outcome of their stories and the fate of the coven as the game’s tale unfolds.

Text details the legend of the Boiling Bloodstream tarot card in a gameplay screen from The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
Image credit: Deconstructeam/Devolver Digital

Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood’s latest trailer leans into its heady brew of destiny, responsibility and cosmic forces beyond your control, accompanied by some beautiful artwork, splashes of its dialogue and the roaring synths of fingerspit’s soundtrack.

Basically, it looks and sounds fantastic, and I’m already itching to mess around with my own set of tarot card designs. We won’t have to wait too long before it arrives on Steam on August 16th, either.

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