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Redfall's final trailer shows off its spooky town and psychic distortions

Creeping up

The cast of Redfall walk through an abandoned street with their robot pal.
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Grab a holy cross, maybe make some friends, and spray yourself with gross garlic water. Vampire-hunting shooter Redfall is only a mere week away, so developers Arkane have dropped a fun launch trailer to celebrate. It gives us another look at the titular rural town, haunted by fanged monsters, violent cultists, and psychic anomalies that distort the environment in weird and wonderful ways.

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Nothing blatantly new there, but it’s another tease of what Redfall is all about. Something that keeps catching my eye is how everyone's abilities seem to combine well with the rest of your squad. Fling yourself into the air with an ally’s magical elevator before no-scoping a far-off enemy. Or send your pet raven into battle while the enemies are still freshly electrocuted. Looks like fun.

If you are galavanting with a group of friends, Redfall’s open world won’t tether you together. That means four friends can travel to the corners of the map separately without the game teleporting you back together. Seems like a slightly anti-social way to play co-op, but tackling objectives from different angles will likely be easier thanks to this feature. Alas, hunters who want to soak in the spooky ambience alone still need to do so online, although Arkane are meant to be "fixing" the game’s always-online requirement.

We’ve yet to try Redfall in a group, but Ed’s early solo adventure impressions sound promising. Last month, he said Arkane’s “talent for storytelling and level design bubbled to the surface constantly, making exploration a genuine joy.”

Redfall is creeping onto PC via Steam, Xbox consoles on May 2nd. It’ll cost £60/$70/€70 at launch, but it's also coming to Game Pass if you have a subscription.

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