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RedM will let you turn Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode into a roleplaying Wild West

Hat's off

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online should be getting a nice upgrade after the release of RedM, a framework mod that allows players to run their own modded servers. It's from the same developers who made Grand Theft Auto V Online's FiveM mod, the backdoor responsible for those Twitch-ruling GTA streams where people roleplay as cops, criminals, communists, and more. The prospect of expanding Rockstar's Wild West in a similar fashion is pretty exciting.

As the mod was just released on Wednesday, it'll take some time for mods and servers to set up, but at least one is already asking for applications.

As Alice has already gone and reported on what FiveM has done for GTA Online, I’m just going to let my brain mosey around and ponder what might be for Red Dead Online’s roleplaying future might have in store for y'all. Here's what my mod would let you do.

Become an Undertaker
The iconic and morose archetype of an Old West Undertaker is probably perfect for a straight-laced roleplaying server. Any online PC game is going to have a body count, and being the best coffin crafter is absolutely something I'd put some hours into. I have my own measuring tape.

Roleplay as Horse Dentist
Ever notice why horses don’t smile in RDR2? It’s because they’re ashamed of their teeth. You can make a difference by giving a horse the confidence to show their inner beauty, fixing their chompers as an equine dentist.

Nosey around as Preacher
"The end is nigh," you'll yell into the face of anyone who'll listen. Bonus RPs bucks if you manage to do so just before the server crashes.

Go prospecting
Gold Rush, the greatest TV show of all time, is always talking about the old-time prospectors and making them sound pretty badass. You could hunt the hills for gold, all the while protecting your claim from the likes of me.

Be the best Town Drunk you can be
The game already has a drunk mod, so what better way to put it to use than to have you cadge moonshine at the bar, telling stories for sips of gutrot before crying yourself to sleep in the mud?

That header image was made by Disquse using RedM. So, yes, you could also play as a horse-sized duck.

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