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Remedy celebrate turning 25 by making their bloody debut free

Absolute car-nage.

Quick, I say Remedy, you say... well? If you said Death Rally and not Max Payne or Control, you're either a massive clever-clogs or you looked at the header of this story. To commemorate the studio's 25th birthday, the developers are making their very first game free to keep forever. Great news, if you're into bloody car combat racers from the grindhouse depths of 1996.

These days, Remedy are best known for their third-person supernatural Twin Peaks 'em ups. But to celebrate being slightly younger than yours truly, they're making their very first videogame free forever - and you probably couldn't get any further from their later work than Death Rally's Carmageddon-esque vehicular manslaughter.

Death Rally is, shockingly, a brutal top-down combat racer from the edgiest depths of the mid-90s. Kit out your motor with guns and bombs and spikey bits, and hit the track - working under the ethos that you can't be overtaken by a rival if they're a smoking, bloody crater at the side of the road.

While it did get a remake back in 2012, what you're getting here is the '96 original wot, a game that started Remedy down a road that'd eventually lead to the brilliant Control. It's been free before, too, in a kind of limited freeware form back in 2009. This time around, Remedy are giving away the whole thing, to keep, until the end of time (or, well, Steam).

I haven't played it, admittedly, but I reckon it's a fascinating, curious dive into the depths of the studio's history. If you're up for wrecking a few dozen jeeps, Death Rally is free to pick up over on Steam.

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