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Replicants Replicated: The King Of The Wood

The King of the Wood is a free, short-form riff on Bladerunner and Deus Ex, with an android-hunting protagonist plucked from the former and the infiltration-infused frisson of freedom of the latter in its single mission. Unless you become confused and keep shooting at a window, as I did, you'll probably finish it in fifteen minutes or so and may well agree that you spent your time well. It's a first-person detective adventure with some thinking, some shooting and a fair bit of mostly optional reading. You can play in your browser (provided you have Unity Web Player) or download. Very brief thoughts below.

As with many of my favourite free games of recent times, this feels like a sample chapter of something larger, in direct contrast to Thirty Flights of Loving, a game to which this could be the less aesthetically extravagant cousin. I'd like to tie together the pictures, book extracts and film clip - I suspect there's a larger story than I've recognised - but I found the final action majestically forlorn.


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