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Retro platformer Berserk Boy is back on Steam and still looks just as rad

Chill boy when?

Retro action-platformer Berserk Boy was first announced in the ancient year of 2021 and its reveal caught many fans (and me) off guard with how unbelievably rad it looked. After ten months of radio silence, the devs have finally released another trailer and launched a second Steam page - thankfully, the game still seems just as cool.

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In a statement uploaded to Twitter, BerserkBoy Games’s lead dev Zu addressed the game’s absence and the disappearance of its Steam page. They said, “we don’t have full access to our Steam Page, and we sadly don’t see that changing any time soon.” Zu says the problem is “not due to Valve,” but the team have been “forced” to start a new Steam page, losing all of their previous wishlists.

Berserk Boy shouldn’t struggle too much with regaining its lost wishlists, because the game simply looks awesome. The game’s trailer is a rapid supercut of boisterous abilities and throwbacks to other classic platformers: a chained dash attack, a drill that cuts through the ground, and a Mega Man-style bullet gun are all here in full force. Take one look at Berserk Boy and it’s quite easy to imagine a fun time.

Part of that non-stop momentum comes from the game’s combo system that encourages you to chain together moves and fill up your Berserk Meter to unleash a special ability. The result is a frenetic, colourful game that has me chomping at the bit for a try. And, delightfully, it’s all wrapped up in music from Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes - in other words it’s a pure nostalgia overload.

BerserkBoy Games say they're aiming for a PC release this year, 2023 if you’ve forgotten. The newest Steam page is live and I’ll be refreshing it until that ‘Coming Soon’ tag changes to ‘Out Now.’

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